Sissel Kyrkjebø

Sissel is popular in many countries around the world, and the US market is about to experience Sissel for themselves. Her voice has now been heard around the world on the two Titanic cd’s. Sissels U.S. debut album “Sissel” hit stores throughout the U.S. on October 1, 2002. Her popularity in the US is certain, with a voice as pure and beautiful as Sissel’s, she is bound to be a success.

1969: Sissel was born in Bergen, Norway, on the 24th of June.
1984: Sissel appears on norwegian TV for the first time at the age of 15.
1985: Another major TV appearance where Sissel sings the Barbra Streisand song “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore”
1986: On October 16, Sissel releases her first album, “Sissel”. The album sold a record 300,000 copies in Norway. Sissel was 17 years old.
1987: On November 15, Sissel released her first christmas album, “Glade Jul” in Norway. It sold a record 500,000 plus copies.
1988: Sissel appears in the musical “The Sound of Music” as Maria von Trapp at the Chateau Neuf. This was an incredible success for her.
1989: On October 5, Sissel releases her third album, “Soria Moria”. On the 28th of October Sissel meets the danish entertainer Eddie Skoller during a television session in Sweden.
1990: In January, her romance with Eddie becomes known to the general public.
1991: On August 27, Sissel and Eddie sing together on stage for the first time, the song? “You are my Sunshine”. During Christmas of 1991 they were engaged.
1992: Sissel releases her album, “Gift of Love”.
1993: The big day arrives, Sissel and Eddie were married on the 21st of August in MariaKirken in Bergen, Norway. Thousands braved the rainy weather to cheer Sissel on.
1994: Sissel sings the Winter Olympic Anthem during the opening ceremony in Lillehammer on February 12. The next day, Sissel records the song “Fire in your Heart” with Placido Domingo. On December 22, Sissel joins Placido Domingo and Charles Aznavour for a big TV concert, “A Christmas in Vienna”.
1994: Sissel releases her album “Innerst i sjelen”.
1995: Sissel sings for Prince Charles and TV channels throughout Europe in “A Royal Galla”.
1996: Sissels first child, Ingrid, an adorable baby girl is born on February 16.
1997: Sissel is invited by James Horner to put her beautiful voice to the “Titanic” soundtrack. She also joins Warren G on a compilation of hip hop meets classic on Mercury/Def Jam Recordings, Sissel’s versatility is on display as she pairs up with L.A. rapper Warren G for an astonishing rendition of the classic Prince Igor, which has become a hit all over Europe. (information regarding Sissel/Warren G single taken from Official Press Release above)
1998: The Titanic soundtrack obtains the number one position on the Billboard charts. Sissel shares her time between her home in Denmark and the United States, where she is working on her next album due out in the Spring/Summer of 1999. (See “News” for more information)
1998: Sissel went on a very successful Christmas Tour through-out Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Beginning in January she will continue her work on her first US released album, of which she has about 1/2 completed.
1999: Sissel is expecting a new baby in August, so plans for the release of her new album have been delayed until early 2000.
1999: Beautiful baby Sarah is born in August. The Skoller family is now four strong; Sissel, Eddie, Ingrid, and Sarah.
1999: Sissel went on a Christmas Tour throughout Norway and Sweden this December. Her performances in Denmark were cancelled due to sickness. Plans for her new album release in 2000 are still going forward, no release date yet.
2000: Sissel has completed her new album, “All Good Things”. It will be available in Norway on November 20.

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